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Our Company

Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. is a privately held, family-owned investment group focused on long term investments in companies with strong brands and services with attractive growth and strong margin. Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. is comprised of committed and thoughtful people who aspire to improve the performance of our company as well as the communities in which we live. We are committed to a culture of integrity, have a strong sense of entrepreneurship, and strive for achievement in every aspect of our company.

Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. has a diverse portfolio of companies in which we invest, with an emphasis on the technology and eCommerce sectors. Our strategy is to build a diversified portfolio using a long-term buy and build approach. We provide our companies with professional management, expert technical assets and support, and high potential talent to accelerate their growth. Additionally, we invest in a diverse range of stocks and funds from publicly traded companies, as well as other investment vehicles including bonds, real estate, and commodities. Unlike most holdings companies which are concerned only with high value, high revenue assets to add to their portfolio, Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. believes that small business is the backbone of America and is proud to focus a large portion of our investments specifically in small businesses.

Our Mission

It is our mission to promote and preserve the American way by helping the people in our community achieve their American Dream through the support of small business, and the developing and empowering of the people of our community to become business leaders and achieve greatness and success while creating sustainable and long-term value for our communities.

Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd., strives to be a well-respected member of our community and to be business leaders in our community and beyond.

Our Politics

Royal Leo Holdings, Ltd. believes in true capitalism, and that in order for the economy of our nation to be prosperous, the small business must be supported and encouraged. We believe in having strong competition among companies, which fosters an economy with the best pricing, best products, and best services in the world. We believe that all businesses should have a fair playing field, where the smartest, and most innovative businesses succeed. We are against restrictive government taxation and regulation of business and believe that government should only be involved to the extent of maintaining a fair, safe, and legal playing field, which should be available to all businesses. For too long the government, at both the federal and local levels, have targeted small businesses with undue regulation and tax, basically making small businesses the piggy bank of the government, stifling business growth, job creation, and a truly free and open economy.

The federal government should only be involved in governmental roles to the extent of those outlined by the Constitution of the United States. State and local governments should have more authority than the federal government in their jurisdictions, and all governments in the United States, whether federal, state, or local, should be accountable to the people.

We are Constitutionalists, and we are proud patriots of the United States of America.

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