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Company: Ideal Technologies, Inc. | Category: Computers | Computer Services | Deal Available: January 01, 2018-December 31, 2020

Amelia Chamber Members save 20% on Ideal360 Complete Device Management services from Ideal Technologies, Inc. 

With Ideal360 Complete Device Management Package you get the benefit of all our Managed Services for one low cost per device - including remote monitoring and management, managed security, web protection, patch management and managed backup - all bundled in to one convenient service package available for workstations and servers. Ideal360 gives you the ability to focus on your business and let us worry about keeping your IT infrastructure up and running smoothly.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Designed to keep your Servers and Workstations healthy so you can concentrate on growing your business by helping you reduce downtime, improve your system performance and keep your devices running all while eliminating the need and expense of in-house IT management.

Our 24/7 health checks monitor your systems hardware, software and important services, helping to identify issues early on, usually before a problem ever presents on your end, allowing us to keep your business machines running with little to no interruption.

Managed Security - Antivirus

Managed Security provides the best protection and best performance you can get in device security. Ideal360 utilizes Bitdefender® antivirus solutions, with zero performance impact technology ensuring that the scanning process doesn’t impact your device’s performance. Bitdefender® provides real-time protection against viruses, malware, rootkits and adware, keeping your devices safe without you having to worry.

Highly rated, including awards for Best Performance from CTO AV-Test, and Editor’s Choice Awards from PC MAG, Bitdefender® outperforms the competition, scoring higher than Kaspersky, Symantec and McAfee in tests evaluating Performance and Protection. Complete security and peace of mind, managed by IdealMSP so you can focus on your business.

Managed Security - Web Protection

Safeguard your business and your employees by securing against websites with malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets and spam through browsing rules and web content filtering policies across a robust range of website categories. Help employees stay productive with common-sense web browsing policies designed for the workplace and help to reduce non-work related browsing such as social networking, auctions, games and more.

Protect your business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach through proactive internet access controls and stay on top of bandwidth usage to avoid unwanted costs or a throttled network. Available on a per device basis, we can configure what websites and services your devices are allowed to access, and when they are allowed to access them.

Patch Management

Stop worrying about security on each and every device your business owns and let Ideal360 manage patches across all your devices and across different operating systems and products. Ideal360 Patch Management supports allupdates including non-security updates for Microsoft Windows and other Microsoft products including Office and Exchange.

Patch Management helps maintain a secure, compliant network for your business providing support for many popular applications, allowing IdealMSP to effectively install and manage patches on all your machines keeping you up to date and safe from the latest threats.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect files and folders, Exchange, MS SQL, MySQL, system state and network shares, protect your physical and virtual machines (VMware & Hyper-V) and backup at a file, application or machine level with upload and download bandwidth throttling all with Ideal360 Managed Backup.

Managed Backup supports file level recovery as well as volumes and applications, machines with physical, physical-to-virtual (P2V), and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) recovery all with a few clicks of a button, making it fast, convenient and easy to recover data in the event of data loss or machine failure, giving you peace of mind that your mission critical data is safe and secure, no matter what.

Ideal360 Managed Backup provides you with 50GB of storage per workstation and 100GB of storage per server included in the plan, with additional storage billed at a low monthly rate for usage past the plan included threshold.

Ideal360 Complete Device Management Pricing

Ideal360 CDM for Workstations

Ideal360 CDM for Servers

Regular Price: $74.99/device per month

Regular Price: $94.99/server per month


  •  24/7 Health Monitoring

  •  Managed Antivirus

  •  Managed Web Protection

  •  Managed Patch Management

  •  50GB Managed Cloud Backup


  • 24/7 Health Monitoring

  •  Managed Antivirus

  •  Managed Web Protection

  •  Managed Patch Management

  •  100GB Managed Cloud Backup

Member Price: $59.99/device per month

Member Price: $75.99/server per month


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